For Tuxedos

A printable measurement form is available for your convenience. Once you’ve been measured by a professional, submit your order to us using our online order forms or by submitting your printed form via email. A Wedding Embassy staff member will contact you to confirm your information.

First, Have Your Measurements Taken

Proper measuring and accurate fitting are the key to looking your best in formal wear! For the most personalized service you can schedule an appointment with us and we will be happy to take your measurements for you. Just call 860-274-1988 or click here to schedule your appointment.

Of course, we understand it may be difficult to visit the shop! If that’s the case, we suggest being measured by a trusted independent retailer. To find a local retailer simply use Sarno and Son’s store locator or find Savvi network member near you!

Guys, if you are not located near a Sarno and Sons or Savvi Formalwear network member, not a problem! Just print out the order form and take it to your nearest men’s clothier shop, tailor, or formalwear store. There they will accurately and professionally take your measurements; usually this is a complimentary service.

Once you record your measurements on the form, simply submit it to us at least 1 month prior to your event date.
Download Tuxedo Measurement/Order Form

Ordering Your Tux

Choose the method of ordering you prefer, either online or via printed copy which you can email or call in to us.

Online Ordering

Once you’ve had your measurements taken, use our quick and easy online order form to submit your measurements and place your order!

Click Here for Online Ordering

Printable Order Forms

If you prefer to email or call rather than submit it to us online with your payment, please use the link below. You can submit your form the following ways:

Download Tuxedo Measurement/Order Form


We invite you to make a payment using one of the following methods:

We strongly suggest all out-of-state party members make payments in full. Merchandise cannot be shipped or picked up without payment in full. Thank You!

What Happens Next!

Thanks for placing your order with us!

Tuxedos are ordered once every member of your party has submitted their measurements and deposit payment.

Tuxedos arrive in our shop the Tuesday during the week of the event. Though this seems quite close to the event, it is a time frame we are very comfortable working within. When the tuxedo arrive at the shop we will first contact the groom and then each groomsman to arrange a fitting. If your tuxedo arrives earlier we will contact you immediately.

Arranging your fitting and pick-up…

  • Anticipate trying on all of the garments before taking them home.
  • We can schedule a fitting for you Tuesday between 5:30 and 8 p.m. or anytime Wednesday, during normal store hours.
  • A fitting takes about 30 minutes; we always recommend coming at a time that is convenient for you.
  • It is best to come individually, not as a large group.
  • Should there be problems with the fit of your tuxedo we can order replacement pieces and do minor alterations at the shop. This may require you to leave your rental with us and pick up it up later in the week.

* We recommend out-of-state groomsmen pay for their garments in full up front. If they are unable to come for a fitting, their tuxedo can be picked up by another member of the party. Merchandise that is not paid in full cannot be picked up.


  • It is your responsibility to return the rental promptly.
  • Please return your tuxedo the Tuesday following your event, during normal store hours.
  • Check your pockets and make sure you have all of the accessories and garments for the return.

Late Returns:

  • Your tuxedo is considered LATE the Thursday following your event. If you have not returned your tuxedo by Thursday you will be charged $20 a day, for each day the rental it is late.
  • If your tuxedo is more that one week late you will receive an invoice for the retail replacement cost of the entire rental, about $450.

Damaged Returns:

  • Please note there is a retail cost for any pieces of the rental that are significantly damaged. For example, shoes eaten by dogs – you will be invoiced $45 in order to replace and restock those shoes.